Laura Zuk

Other Projects

Here are a variety of other projects and pieces I have worked on in the past few years.

Pizza Map

An experience project based in nostalgia and hunger, the user was given a box with a pizza map, cheese, napkins, and money for transportation and pizza, of course.

Written on each napkin showed the user what to do at each point a.k.a. each pizzeria on the map. Asking the user questions about their past, comfort, and food, it took the user on a journey to awaken fond memories and each some cheesy goodness. Everything was stored in a pizza box, for convenient and iconic storage.

This project was created with Molly O'Neil and Nick Bond. This project's a bit ironic because I'm lactose intolerant, but a huge pizza fan.

Digital Collage of a Map of Downtown Boston on a Slice of Pizza
Closed Pizza box with project contents peeling out
Open Pizza box with pizza map, bags of cheese, subway tickets, and instructions written on napkins

Logentries Blog Graphics

Logentries, before its rebrand, had weekly blog posts with accompanying images to help illustrate the topics. I created dozens of these while working at Rapid7, but here are a few highlights.

graphic with text saying Never Type a Search Query Again
graphic with text saying 3 predictions for development in the age of serverless computing
graphic with text saying Roots and culture: Logging and the Telephone bill
graphic with text saying 5 Rules of Pair Programming Etiquette

Weekly Report

For my information design class in my Junior year, I took detailed data of everything I did for one week and charted it in one poster.

weekly report: november 13th to 19th, 2016. Tracks mood, activities done the most, and a map of where I went during the week.


Another infographic mapping the events of the nonlinear film Rashomon, describing what happens from which character's point of view as the story goes on.

a data map showing each character from the film Rashomon's journey


In addition to experience projects and design work, I also really enjoy painting and drawing - especially portraits. Below are a few pieces I've done over the years.

Digital painting of a serious man looking right Digital illustration of a boy putting on a hat with a sunglasses emoji digital illustration of a man three times slightly overlayed over each other in saturated colors