Laura Zuk

re : Search

An ongoing project started in 2017, re:search is a search engine that compiles articles from credited news and literature websites. It allows the user to save the articles they selected and take notes on them, share them, and store them.

Conceptual Stage

Some concepts for the logo and imagery for re:search. The pencil and lightbulb motif worked well with the themes of learning, self-education, and searching for ideas.

Early concepts for the type treatment on the site. Red, especially deep reds, are common for academic use.

sketches of research logo featuring pencils and lightbulbs

Early conceptual sketches for the logo, later used as the site background.

Various tabs featuring concepts of different brand colors and font combinations

Color and font planning. Deep reds, tans, and serif fonts are commonly used in academic and literary content.


The next step was to create the layout of the site. It was important to test frequently, figuring where users would think to click and how to make it as easy to use as possible. Below are variations for the website and mobile app.

Wireframe of research homepage Signup form page Upload document or image UI Mobile wireframes of signup form and getting started modal

And, finally, the mobile concepts, which were eventually scrapped.


Below is a final render of the homepage for the website.

Rendered homepage of research website

The homepage

Login screen withh simple form

Login screen for those who already have an account

Sign up screen with a longer, but still simple form

Sign up screen

Getting started pop up walking new users through UI to teach them about website functions

Getting started screen for new users

Reccomended works page based on user's previous search history

Works reccomended based on previous searches

Page showing description and title of article or paper

Article Details page

Paper with specific text highlighted to show user's notes

Document editing and note taking screen